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  • art, photography, travel, individuality and creativity

Founded in New York in 2019, Been Magazine was inspired by and celebrated art, photography, travel, individuality and creativity. Stories of people doing what they love in the places that they live. Creative people + places. Artists + designers. Architects. Photographers. Makers. Doers. Wanderers. People who dream big dreams and small dreams. People who love where they are, what they are doing or where they are going.

the magazine

Been Magazine was founded January 1st, 2019 in New York by Andy Davies, an art director and photographer with almost 40 years experience in the design industry and a passion for travel, hiking, wildlife, art, design and photography. Been was exclusively a limited run print magazine distributed directly to the best magazine shops in New York, Portland, Z├╝rich, London and Amsterdam. In March 2020, as pandemic shutdowns kicked in, issue #3 never made it to the shops (they were all closed at the time) and sales never fully recovered afterwards. The third issue, featuring a cover design collaboration with illustrator Viktor Koen, received a Silver Graphis Award in the annual Graphic Design competition. Limited back issues are available. Email if you would like to purchase any issues.

Been Magazine