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september 2019 - been magazine issue #2

From the introduction to issue #2:
"Sit at a coffee shop in the heart of a city in a different country or time zone or even neighborhood, and look around you. Take it all in. Look further. Find something that is amazing and find out more. I have never been disappointed when I push to know more, to cross my own boundaries, ignore my own fears and do something new in a new place." - Andy Davies


David Cerny, an incredible sculptor in Prague, artists Vince Kamp (London), Nick Veasey (Kent) and Jim Riswold (Portland); Street Parade, the world's largest rave party in Zürich; HR Giger's incredible bar and museum in Gruyères, Switzerland; Osswald Parfumerie in New York and Zürich; Photoville in Brooklyn; Sylvain Despretz, accomplished storyboard artist and illustrator in Paris; Bashar Wali, entrepreneurial hotelier in Portland, Oregon; New York's Lower East Side music scene and more.

Issue 2 is sold out but I'm putting together a new format (A5) omnibus edition of the best of issues 1 and 2, slated for late summer 2023 release. Please email if you'd like to know when that one is available.

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